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Capital Gold evaluates all the management activities of the import process, including some aspects as: operational, financial, bureaucratic, tax and logistic.

Currently, there are two import ways, import order or imports due to order, regulated and recognized by the Federal Revenue Secretariat.

To do so, imports must attend all de determinations and conditions of the Brazilian legislation.

The classification is needed to avoid possible fines, tax surprises or even the confiscation of goods. This way, CapitalGold coordinates the import operation by the different taxes between import order or imports due to order considering not only the federal, but the state level.

Import by order

In this case, the import is in charge of Capital Gold, since the goods acquisition with the exporter, providing the operation of nationalization with the same import due to the order effects, for the product nationalization. However, Capital Gold will purchase the product, which will  make the subsequent resale to the predetermined ordering.

Import License 

Capital Gold provides the registration of the Import Declaration, which initiates import procedures with Federal Revenue. Some goods and operations are subject to special controls. Drawback operations are the only one with automatic licensing, and count with Capital Gold management and monitoring. Departure authorization

Specific license is required for each kind of product, identified after import process initial analysis. With this procedure, Capital Gold is able for shipment authorization. In cases of special permits the final documentation will be issued after the responsible organ analysis.