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Port services

Serviços portuários



Storing process it has an enormous importance in foreign trade. It comprehend the local to keep the products, commodities or food, chosen by the agent and the client during the release of the load. So it is vital trust who allows the entry or exit of goods into their country in order to prevent possible nonsense with storage, either in poor accommodation or suitability in legal norms related to tax charges as well as the higher cost of excess space allocated. In addition, Capital Gold has full knowledge about best tanks in Brazilian ports. 



It means the process of loading cargo from the container. One of the process vital recommendations is to avoid empty spaces, avoiding product damages. In case of different weights which share the same equipment is also necessary the load balance aiming to prevent container unequal proportion, which would hinder their movement with real risks to workers, equipment and also the cargo.
However, there are others several activities care, which involves careful, studies and know-how, for example, the specific kind of container to be used in each product, either because of a refrigerator need or an appropriate equipment size, as the correct mooring display next to trucks, ship, plane or train. The trying can be performed manually or by forklifts, cranes and pallet.



Spawning is the reverse of drying process. Is the product removal container from importation or exportation, warehouse and port area. The same care of stuffing should be applied to spawn, but with the opposite goal.
The same mechanisms are used, as forklifts, cranes, pallet or manually as well as process that involves a set of tools for removing the product, always aiming to keep the goods in their original condition.
Capital Gold has experienced professionals, able to oversee this type of procedure in totally safe, in addition for having a team accredited for this and other customs.



The transport is responsible for most of process costs and determines the transaction commercial values. That’s why a company with customs logistic knowledge becomes essential for the correct appropriate programming means of transport for each product, according to the letter-term needs, security of goods and operating costs.
Capital Gold always gives the customer best options for national and international routes, founded on 15 years of experience.


Product labeling  

This process requires knowledge of each standard norm for import goods to Brazil, because each product labeling depends on its purpose. There are cases where labeling should be done on process early stages and others where there is no execution order.
Capita Gold provides the advice in this important stage of legalization and nationalization of marketed products.



The pallet has gained ground with port modernization and with process rise of replacement of human labor by machines, such as forklifts and pallet jacks. To gain flexibility in stuffing and unstuffing process, is vital to know the correct pallet accommodation of products, the most advantageous operating costs, and follow the guidelines that regulate the entry and exit port goods connected to the transit operation.
There are advantages and disadvantage that fit capital Gold analysis. As a benefit, pallet can reduce operating costs with labor and speed up the loading and unloading of goods. But there are the pallet acquisition costs that can reduce container space.


Pre stacking  

Boils down to the harbor pre stacking containers. It is part of all import and export logistic process, with a refine and organized programming, the boarding time is reduced and consequently reducing the operation costs.